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What do we do now? (UFC London)

Updated: Mar 17

UFC won't be taking place in London this weekend and Leon Edwards won't be traveling to the U.S. to take on Woodley at different venue. Is it time for us to worry now?

I had my doubts about UFC Brasilia going down this past weekend, despite Dana and the UFC saying it will go on. They came through and put on a great show Saturday. Considering they were able to pull it off, I would be dumb to doubt them again this coming Saturday. Reports came out yesterday that the UFC emailed various managers asking if their clients were interested in taking late notice fights. Hard to imagine fighters aren't choppin at the bit to get in there and fight in front of the biggest audience ever. I don't think it will be a problem for the UFC and Dana White to put together a make shift card for Saturday. Reports are that Vetorri v Stewart and Spann v Craig are still on if UFC can find venue. Woodley also says he will fight.

From a betting perspective I don't see much at first glance in the Spann/Craig fight or Veottri/Stewart fight. Spann is -335 and Vettori is -170, those lines are about right and I don't think theres much value in either side for those fights. FDGTD for Spann/Craig is an obvious prop play but it will more than likely be juiced as hell. Stewart/Vettori I actually see going the full distance, doubt they give us an over 1.5 in that one but fight starts round 2 or 3 seems like a decent prop play. Cage warriors promotion also just picked up Dusko Todorovic vs John Phillips for there event saturday. I like Dusko to win that fight but haven't taped it. Phillips is a bottom of the barrel type UFC fighter and will always lose if his opponent doesn't go out there and trade bombs with him. But i have to tape the fight, will let you guys know final thoughts in a later blog post.

What are we going to bet on this weekend? Cage warriors 113 is on Friday and the show is expected to take place behind closed doors. If you have access to UFC fight pass a lot of past fights are available on there. I expect lines to come out for this event and will be taping the card this week to see if I like any match ups. I would advise you guys tape the two fights that are official for UFC on Saturday and after go ahead and take a look at cage warriors card. That is what I'll be doing until we hear more news about UFC this weekend

Stay safe everyone

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