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Weekend results + What to look forward to next week


UFC Vegas 24 talk:

Felt like we were on wrong side of value in the Luis Pena vs Alex Munhoz fight but did feel like Pena won the "fight". I didn't think he won the scorecards after all was said and done if I'm being completely honest. But hey, I'll take a bit of luck considering how it's gone lately. But remind me to not bet Luis Pena again in the future, thanks....

The Tracy Cortez via decision bet was one to be proud of. Tipped at -140 but the line was available closer to -125 on a lot of other books. She took the back on multiple occasions and had a CLEAR grappling edge. She made the fight a lot closer than it needed to be but I was thinking to myself she probably wanted to show her striking and get more comfortable in that area. It wasn't a very good look to be honest, her stand up still needs a lot of work and I don't think she helped her stock very much with how she performed last night.

Bellator 257 talk:

I honestly don't mind the Pedro Carvalho bet we made on Friday. Yes he lost via KO in round 2 but I thought he won the 1st round and he was put in the worst position possible 10 seconds into the fight. He escaped Wilson's best win condition (1st round sub) and arguably won the 1st round on the cards. I thought it would be all down hill for Wilson after round one but it turns out his prayer was answered with a spinning back fist 5 seconds into round two. Very low percentage outcome and I felt like if fight played out it would have been Carvalho taking over in rds 2 and 3.

We also had the under 2.5 rounds which hit and looked like the better bet of the two in hindsight...

Saul Rogers looked decent in round 1 but gave the fight away with awful takedown attempts and ended up putting himself in bad situations every time he initiated grappling after the first 5 minutes. Bad bet even at +180. I think Burnell vs JJ Wilson is very likely to happen next and we'd have a BIG bet on Mads Burnell if so.

Veta Arteaga performed really well and dominated largely, big fan of Dez but knew it was too much too soon for her in this spot. If I could go back I would have made this a bigger bet, I think the last few WMMA fight outcomes played in my head a bit and made me go smaller than I really wanted to.

Phil Davis can rot in hell for all I care. He literally gave away the first 3 rounds and attempted maybe 2 takedowns in the whole fight. He won the last 2 rounds on the judges scorecards and it played out very similar to their first fight. It's too bad Phil Davis is a stupid fucker. We could have cashed big if he wrestled early and took some cardio out of Nemkov from the go. Davis had the better cardio and it showed, didn't have the IQ unfortunately.

LFA 104 talk:

Both parlay pieces won via UD but McKenzie was probably one I regret making. At -300 it was a BAD bet. He dropped round 1 and I personally thought he dropped round 2 as well. He played into opponents hands for large part and nearly gave away the fight. In round 3 he turned it up and looked like his usual self and nearly scored a 10-8 round. Judges gave him one of the first two rounds and he won unanimously somehow. I didn't expect him to wake up that day and think he was some K-1 champion. Oh well, cash is a cash....

Next week:

PFL has finally arrived!!!! Very excited it is back and I'm looking to make this season another profitable one. PFL 1 is on Friday and Anthony Pettis is headlining the card

KSW 60 is on Saturday along with UFC so we have a lot to chose from and I've already taped quite a few bouts. Just waiting to jump and right time

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