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Free bet #4 UFC 248 prop bets (VALUE!!!!!) Beneil Dariush vs Drakkar Klose

Updated: May 19, 2020

First prop bet I have for you guys is Beneil Dariush via submission. (+265) If you guys don't want to play the -170 go ahead and play this for a quarter of what you would have laid straight. Think there is a ton of value based on this line and match up. Last 2 wins for Dariush have come via submission, If Thiago Moises was anyone else he would have been submitted as well. No shame in not being able to submit someone of Moises's caliber on the mat. Dariush could very well be on a 3 fight winning streak with all coming via a tap. When I watched the tape for this fight I noticed Klose has been in some very bad positions on the mat his last 2 fights. Giagos and Green both had him in TERRIBLE positions on the mat, If you replaced Giagos and Green for Dariush in those positions there's no way Klose gets out of the octagon without tapping the mat. On top of that I believe Dariush is a way better grappler overall than Green and Giagos. Giagos might have the edge in explosiveness on Dariush but Dariush makes up for that with technical edge in grappling. Dariush sticks to his opponents like glue,so even if Klose can defend early he will have to defend often, not so sure he can do that. When this fight his the mat is should be a wash. Dariush via submission very likely here

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