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Alexandre Pantoja vs Matt Schnell

The flyweights are back, and this will be one of the more exciting bouts of the evening. Any fight with Pantoja involved is a banger. The man has a style that fans can appreciate. He walks forward no matter what is thrown his way. When I took a look back at his fights when breaking down this matchup, I couldn't help but think to myself that this man is a FUCKING terminator. That's my best way of describing his fight style.

He faces Matt Schnell on Saturday morning, Schnell is on an impressive run at 125 lbs right now, 3 straight finishes after starting UFC career 0-2 with both being KO losses. It's easy to see that in the beginning Matt Schnell wanted to make a statement and finish his opponents, that left him vulnerable himself. He has refined his game and has been more tactical in fight style since those early losses. With a win on Saturday vs Pantoja we could be talking about him in a number 1 contenders matchup.

The Matchup-

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