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Free bet #3 Guido Cannetti vs Danaa Batgerel

Updated: May 19, 2020

Outlook:I just taped this fight today, Guido is 40 years old and hasn't fought in a little over a year. He is a very explosive athlete but is def. near the end of his career. His last 4 losses have come inside the distance, all while at times stunning his opponent and nearly finishing them. Batgerel on the other hand only has 8 pro fights, he is a finisher himself. A lot of his regional footage is wild and he looks to brawl with opponents, he is very hittable imo and I dont think a Guido KO is far fetched here. Batgerel has been at Jackson Wink and seems to be leveling up. He started very slow in his UFC debut, Guido on the other hand is a FAST starter. This fight has all the ingredients I like to see when pulling the trigger on FDGTD. It's crazy to me +175 is the opener for FDGTD here. Make a bet on that prop while it lasts.

How fight will go down: I think Guido early is likely and if not I can see Batgerel getting a late stoppage in what should be a barn burner of a fight. I don't think this fight will see the scorecards, and if you want to give me a big plus money number to bet it, I'll take it.

Best way to bet the fight: 1u on FDGTD (+175) "Fight doesn't go to decision"

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