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Gloria de Paula vs Pauline Macias (Breakdown/prediction) #DWCS

Gloria De Paula vs Pauline Macias- Classic striker vs grappler match up here. De Paula is a long lengthy Brazilian striker who is pretty good with all limbs. Macias on the other hand is fairly green overall and striking isn’t her primary weapon when fighting. Macias has an extensive judo background and is more of a grappler, she doesn’t really have the BJJ to back the wrestling up though. That is the main concern from the Macias side, even if she gets De Paula down I’m not so sure she can hold her there. Top control and BJJ is lacking from Macias imo. On the feet I tend to think De Paula will have her way with Macias, if this was a kickboxing match I’d favor De Paula at a decently high clip. The only way Macias can offset the striking disadvantage is by pressuring consistently and forcing De Paula backwards. I don’t see that in her tape so it comes down to can Macias be effective grounding de Paula and can she win minutes with top control. Short answer is no from me, Macias hasn’t shown the ability to control opponents once she grounds them and quite frankly I think she is a one trick pony. She should be fairly easy to game plan against all things considered. I have to favor De Paula in this match up, I think she tees off on Macias when striking and I see Macias struggling to control De Paula on the mat. I wouldn’t be surprised if De Paula finishes Macias here. I don’t think Macias has any finishing upside and her best case scenario for a win is a greasy split decision.

Interesting bets- De Paula ITD (+320)

Moneyline thoughts- At -200 I think the value is gone and think you are better off playing De Paula ITD for small amount

Recommended bet- De Paula ITD

Official bet- N/A

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